How to Don’t Give a S**t About Other People

How to Don’t Give a S**t About Other People

Imagine that the person that you really love, the person that means most for you, maybe your son or your girlfriend or maybe one of your parents is far 1 mile from you.
This person will die in 5 minutes and the only thing that can save him is you: you have to reach this person and touch him to be sure that his life will be safe.
You don’t have any transport to use, you can only run.
You are also recorded by cameras and the video of your run is in live on the web and in the main tv channels of your country.

What will you think in that (I hope uquals or less) 5 minutes?

Will you think about how you are appearing in the cameras?
Will you ask yourself if yours is a good looking run?
Will you think about useless wasting energy and time thoughts that can distract you from saving the most important person of your life?

We all already know the answers of these questions and we all already know that the time that will take you to complete that mile will be covered by the constant thought of reach and touch him.
This is a very bad and dystopian scenario but the concept is clear: you have a purpose, a goal, and you are moving with all your energies most focused as possible to reach it.

The same exactly concept can be applied in the daily life.

Why should you think about what other people think about you?
Why should you compare what you do or how do you look like or your results to the other ones’?

First of all you don’t know how the other people live and has lived until now, what are their problems, how many things they are trying to get without succeding and even if they were superman, able to be the best in all possible areas of life, you are wasting your mental energies.

Let’s suppose that you want to become a book author and you are worrying yourself on the fact that people younger than you have already written bestseller books and all you have done in your life is drinking coffee while watching Netflix.

Why are worrying yourself?
Except for being inspired, the time that you spend thinking about other people is time that you don’t spend to invest on yourself.

“But maybe my book will be not appreciated by this or that community”..
Stressing yourself caring about what other people think about you is the worst way to spend your time that should be better invested on yourself to find what can you do to improve your skills in your applying areas or to learn new ones.

It looks so simple but it’s not, right?
So I’m going to say what works for most people: have a goal and a purpose.
As you had no time to think about how you were appearing in front of the cameras while you were running and focused to touch the most important person of your life, you shouldn’t have so much time to spend on useless stuff because you have a goal and you are 100% focused on that goal and to achieve it.

What do you want to do in your life? Write a book?
Work to write that book and think about how can it impact the readers or how can this book sell more copies or how can you market it once you’ve finished to write.

Best regards, Marco šŸ™‚

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