Avoid Garbage And Toxic People

Avoid Garbage And Toxic People

“You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.”

This is a notorious quote nowadays which in my case It’s right and I think is right also with you.

Think about these 5 people and compare how you are to how they are, you are similar to them in some way, right?

This because you are naturally influenced by the environment and the people you are surrounded by and even though you have a strong personality It’s very important for you, in order to improve yourself, to have positive and inspiring connections.

Maybe your “friend” who seems don’t have bad intentions is always ready to grab you down and don’t let you succeed just because he naturally doesn’t want see people who he thinks they are always have been mediocre like him become better and have success in areas where he sucks.

Guess what? Tell him to get the fuck out.

Maybe the fault It’s not directly of this person, maybe he has problems with other people, maybe with his family or in other environments but, again, guess what? Tell him to get the fuck out.

It’s not your problem if this or these people have some sort of problems, just don’t let them pour their shit on you and affect your enthusiasm and self esteem just because you are a good person and perhaps too nice to have a strong reaction to shut them up.

Maybe having a strong reaction is not the best way to avoid them or maybe yes, think about the smartest one depending on the situation and try it. You won’t really know it until you experience that.

I personally got rid of some people from my life trying to pass most of my time with positive ones and to avoid most garbage as possible on the internet.

The result is that now I feel way way way better, more inspired, confident and positive.

In The Social Media Problems I wrote about Social Medias from turning off the brain watching passively a screen to become addicted to the appreciations and attentions of the other people and what I want you to realize now is how much garbage on the internet so also in Social Medias affects you and your mental health.

As well as the environment and the people you are surrounded by influence you and your behavior, the things you are exposed to have an impact on you.

When I stopped use Facebook and Instagram, specially Facebook, I felt more positive and less conditioned by the image that people want to give of themselves with their posts, comments and photos which never corresponds to what you see when you have the occasion to talk with them.

This happened because I started to avoid useless mediocre drama between pages, groups and “Facebook Friends” which had put me in a condition of “Hey look at him, he is the one who did this, he is dumb, he has done this, he did that…” and so on with stereotypes and judges of that person based on virtual medias that took my time and my mental health.

The same exactly concept works for YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Quora and so on.

Whatever type of garbage or negative content unfortunately has an impact on your brain and It’s not so easy avoid all of it all over the web and what I fell to recommend actually works for me: when you realize that you are absorbing garbage and that you fell into the internet trap stop yourself, put your smartphone in standby or turn off your pc or switch and start listen music or do whatever other activity which immediately stop the garbage flow to you and let you focus or think about positive inspiring things.

As well as is wrote in The Way Of The Superior Man by David Deida, you have to live your life fulfilled spreading love in the environments and with the people you are surrounded by.

How can you do that if you pass your time with negative people or expose yourself to all the free garbage in the web?

I hope this can help you, see you next Sunday with my next article about what I think is the base of everything, a Growth Mindset.

Best regards, your Italian friend Marco 🙂

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