Growth Mindset: There’s Always A Solution

Growth Mindset: There’s Always A Solution

Have you ever struggled with something too difficult? When you have, did you ever thought you weren’t good enough to continue? Have you ever changed your path for this?

You thought you weren’t able to face the situation or the single problem and for this reason you gave up choosing an easy mediocre alternative self-convincing yourself that you tried all the possible ways and there weren’t no more chances to succeed.

I know how it sounds because I have been that person.

The people who you see having success in school, in sports and with girls have no type of superpowers, they just really want succeed in all these areas so they adapt: they realize what is the reality, how they have to change their mindset, their behavior, their lifestyle to the situation and circumstances and, step by step, they conquer.

They are strong but you can also be strong, they have two arms and two legs like you.

You basically can be one of the best gymnasts of your province while taking good grades in college and dating one girl per week, it’s all about your mind.

Remember that there’s always a solution for your problem, you just have to believe that is possible to find it, it’s your mind which thinks it’s not possible or it requires too much effort for you because maybe the people you are surrounded by or maybe your past experiences let you think you’re not enough, but it’s wrong.

Think about this: you can be anything your mind allows you to be.

In Avoid Garbage And Toxic People I wrote about how much is important have good connections: if you’re surrounded by people who have no interest in conquer and succeed or worse they instinctively grab you down because they don’t want see their friends succeed, or you just change the situation or get rid of them and start to work on yourself.

Face the reality and adapt to the circumstances.

Adapt to the circumstances is what has allowed your ancestors to survive over the time and arrive in 2018 where there’s you who thinks that girl is too much for you, that your potential is predetermined, that you have no possibilities and bla bla bla with useless bullshits where everything should be reduced to “This is the reality and this is me so I have to change x and y to face the situation” and stop, nothing more, because we are not limited in no way.

For every problem there’s always a solution, you just have to find it – search on the internet, try to find some useful videos on YouTube, read books, find inspiration on others’ successes, meditate about it – it’s just all about having a growth mindset.

See you next Sunday with my next article where I will talk about how to have a good sleep and feel more energetic with references to my experience.

Best regards, your Italian friend Marco 🙂

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