How To Achieve Great Fitness Results

How To Achieve Great Fitness Results

Have you ever trained? Have you ever started an aesthetic related sport? Have you achieved the results that you wished to achieve in strength and physique?

I’m going to write here how, after many attempts, I gained all that muscle mass and the strength to do more than 25 clean pull-ups in a row.

My Experience

Back in 2013 when I was 16/17 I started to go to the gym doing the classical weightlifting program workout. That year I passed about 6 months in the gym from January to the start/middle of the summer. I ended up that period with very few results, just a little pectoral and back mass.

The following year, 2014, I did another 6 months in the gym between January and the middle of the summer. When I re-started to train in the gym I had lost most of the work done in 2013 and at the end of those 6 months my body was similar to how it was in summer 2013.

At the end of March 2015 I re-started to do an aesthetic related sport, but this time it was calisthenics.

This is me in the post workout of the 9 October 2015:


Look how angry and serious I was, I’m actually afraid of the 9 October 2015 Marco.

I had been consistent with 3 workouts per week in the gym in 2013, in 2014 and in those months of calisthenics in 2015 (still practicing now). So what has been the key factor which made so much difference in getting results?

If I could go back in time there would be many things that I wouldn’t do, like going back in time.

What Made The Difference

Back in the first days of calisthenics training with my friends I remember how I found the workouts so much intense and with too few time to rest compared to the workouts I did in the gym lifting weights.

In terms of quality, we didn’t a so much good training, but it was good enough to let us achieve good results in few months.

Basically the approach was this: until I’m able to push and pull, I push and pull.

The key factor which made the difference was the intensity.

The intensity let me, at that time, achieve good results in only about 3-4 months.

How it works

It doesn’t really matter if you go to the gym simply lifting weights or doing powerlifting or crossfit, what make the difference is with how much intensity do you work out.

In order to achieve significantly results with training you have to train at least at a certain intensity. Since now I will call that minimum intensity level “Kakarot level”.

img levels

If you train with an intensity level that is between the Kakarot and the Broy level you will achieve not bad results in 2-3 months and good one in just 4-5 working out 3 times per week.

Instead, if the intensity of you workouts are between the Pizza and Kakarot level you will have very few or just no results.

Butt, what does it mean working out at the Kakarot level?

About Kakarot Level

You actually know when you are pushing enough hard, I could write here to take x minutes of rest the first series, take y for the lasts, do z series per exercise etc., the fact is that it depends on the sport you’re doing and the goal you set.

So training at the Kakarot level means that, in those 40-50 minutes – or maybe more, It depends on many things – you have to push enough hard to make the workout effective.

For example at the time I’m writing this article I’m doing the resistance training, which is really simple: you choose 2-3 exercises and in 40 minutes do most reps as you can.

If now that I’m enough trained I do 10 pull-ups and then 2 minutes of rest I’m actually working out near the pizza level.

If I do 5 series of 10 pull-ups with 40 secs – 1 min of rest I’m training between the Kakarot and Broly level.

The problem with the Broly level is that is really difficult to maintain it over the time, specially if you have many things to do in your life and you can’t focus only on fitness.

If You Are a Beginner

If you are going to start a new aesthetic-vaporwave-fitness-lookHowCollIAm sport I recommend you to don’t run too fast feeling the pressure of never do a cheat meal and of always work out at the Broly level because maybe for your pumped friend is quite normal having a certain lifestyle but perhaps you have not yet taken enough momentum and switching from pizza-mode to Broly-mode in a day could have a bad impact on you and let you think that it requires too much effort and you are not enough while, instead, from the perspective of a person that has practiced it more than 3 years now is one of the best, cool and awesome activities that you can do.

Just enjoy your workout sessions and be proud to have worked hard, enjoy the pumping feeling and don’t give up 🙂


  • Work out at least at the kakarot level of intensity every time you are going to train
  • Work out at least 3 times per week
  • You don’t need a very strict diet but It’s important to have a balanced one to have a good support in terms of right percentage of macronutrients and calories
  • Don’t give up when it goes hard, don’t find excuses to skip your trainings or to go under the Kakarot level and, no matter how you feel, be consistent respecting your program
  • Find a rhythm that you can maintain over the time
  • Have a good sleep: check out my last article on How To Have A Good Sleep And Feel Refreshed
  • Enjoy your workouts sessions

See you next Sunday with my next Article, best regards, your Italian pizza-eating-but-not-training friend Marco 🙂

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