How to Effectively Manage Your Time

How to Effectively Manage Your Time

Hi, my name is Marco and this is an article on my blog (because I’m not sure yet to buy the plan to have a personal url).

While I’m writing this part of the article I’m in the library of my university and there are some hot girls near me.

Maybe you would prefer read about them but.. You are going to read about how to manage your time.

To give maximum credibility to the article:

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I’m writing this article as a college student of Computer Science in Pisa training 4/5 times per week, producing and selling gym T-Shirts and writing 1 article for this blog per week.

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This lecture will give you the notions to become an unstoppable Arnold Schwarzenegger bulldog robot.

What Shouldn’t Happen

It’s difficult for you being productive in a range of the day if you didn’t know what to do before the time will be arrived.

Let’s say you come back home at 13.00 and you already know that when will be 14.30 you will have to study, doesn’t matter what, the important thing is that you start to work at 14.30.

At 14.20 you are watching YouTube videos lying on the bed.

Few minutes and are 14.28, you are still watching videos on YouTube with your smartphone and you think you can start a bit later to finish to watch what you was watching in that moment.

14.32: The video ends and you think you can watch another one – “Few minutes of delay don’t really affect my work..”.

14.50: You stop watch videos and start to see the so much interesting last pictures of the ice creams of the girls you follow on instagram thinking that you will start to work at 15.00.

15.00: You get out of bed and go to the kitchen to eat something.

15.10: You open the books and trying to start to study you soon find yourself lost in all the content is presented in front of you, so instinctively retake your phone and start again to use instagram.

16.00: You haven’t concluded nothing yet.

When happened this sequence of events to me, the day usually ended up with me trying to conclude something between 17.20 and 17.45 before going to the gym, gym, come back home and waste other time.

What should I do to prevent this?

You Should Expect It

You should already knew what to do during the day early in the morning, having a plan with all the specific tasks associated to a specific range of the day and a specific location so that you will not find yourself lost in the time and in the content.

Having a plan of the day puts you in the position to expect what you are going to do in all the ranges of the day.

So, if you have planned to start to study the mathematical derivatives between 14.30 and 15.30 consulting certain pages of a specific book in the library of your university, the expectations of the specific task, range of time and location will give you more energy and motivation to complete what you have expected to complete.

What should I use to take note of what passes in my mind?


What I recommend to use for setting your daily plan and your To-Do list is a simple notepad.

This is the one I’m using:


“Sisal Matchpoint” is the betting place that has gifted the notepad to my grandmother which then she has gifted to me.

They are generous with the grandmothers of the people who don’t buy the premium plan of wordpress.

Having a portable notepad is much comfortable because it allows you to take note of whatever idea, things to do and thought that otherwise would pass in your head to get lost in a while.

The notepad in the photo is quite small and it can enter in the pockets of a pair of jeans – this allows you to write your To-Do list, your plan of tomorrow, the commitments you have to do in this period and whatever other note to clear your mind having all your businesses written in front of you; all wherever and whenever you want.

How can I set my tasks?

How To Set Tasks

There are ranges of the day where your brain works better and other ones where you body performs better.

Your brain is more fresh and productive in the morning, specifically in the early hours since you woke up so it’s better if you put all the brain-required tasks in the firsts hours.

If your mind is tired because maybe you have done a brain-required work for many hours would not be so much productive trying to study for other 2 – in this case doing a workout, counter-intuitively, helps you to refresh.

When you complete a task underline it, this will give you a sense of accomplish and more motivation to complete the other ones.

If, for example, you have to go to the class between 11.00 and 13.00 and you also have to study technical and non-technical stuff, workout and read 30 pages of a book the best schedule would be:

  • 08.00-08.30: Read 10 pages of the book
  • 08.40-10.50: Study the technical material [Library]
  • 11.00-13.00: Go to the class
  • 14.00-14.30: Read another 10 pages of the book
  • 14.40-16.00: Continue to study the technical material if you haven’t finished yet [Library]
  • 16.00-18.00: Study the non-technical material [Library]
  • 18.30-20.00: Workout
  • 21.00-22.00: Finish the last 10 pages of the book

This is my plan for today:


It’s 22.00 and as you can see still haven’t finished the article..

How can I know what is exactly the best schedule for my work?

Take Action

To know exactly what is the best schedule for your day you have to meditate about your mental energies trying to imagine how them can cover your tasks and goals best and, of course, experience that.

You won’t really know it until you try.

Using the notepad you will always have with you something to clear your mind and organize your work, you will immediately notice an improvement of the productivity and continuing over time you will have a better cognition of what activities you will be able to do to complete more tasks over the day.


  • Expect what you are going to do through the day to not find yourself lost in time and work
  • Start to use a notepad (try to send your grandma to bet places) and bring it always with you
  • Write down the tasks you have to do to clear your mind and have all under control
  • Give to the tasks a realistic and smart range of time
  • Work hard
  • Subscribe to the mailing list of to become the emperor of the world (most important step)

See you next Sunday with my next article here on – The blog you should subscribe to the mailing list moderated by someone unsure to buy the premium plan – best regards, you Italian friend Marco.

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P.P.S. Now I can underline the “Finish Article” and “Ultimate Article” tasks (It’s 09.00 a.m. of the next day)

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