5 Tips to Read More Books

5 Tips to Read More Books

How many books do you read per year? When was the last time you finished a book?

Reading improves your focus and attention skills, increases your knowledge, your speaking and reading skills, lets you discover new things, opens your mind and makes you a better person.

It also helps you overcome bad periods and depression, helps you solve doubts, gives you awareness of what is happening around you and what can be done in specific circumstances.

Most successful people like Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg and many others read, they have to be aware, to know most things as possible and to be most inspired as possible.

These are my actual numbers: 3 books last month, 2 the month before and this month (May 15 today) finished one and started another.

I feel to share these main tips that I consider more relevant to avoid you start a book and finish it in 2/3 months or maybe leave it uncompleted.

“I have no time”

1. Schedule the Reading

Everybody has things to do and everybody is busy but “I have no time” is actually an excuse.

How much time do you pass per day using social media, watching television and YouTube videos, playing video games and messaging?

The fact is that you actually have time but you think you haven’t enough because you see reading as a not so useful habit that requires effort.

Yes reading requires effort because puts you in an active attention rather than a passive one as activities like watching some not demanding content on some screen.

Realize how much time do you waste per day with your brain turned off (I talked about this problem in this Article about social media) and think about how many things you could do in all the time you pass doing nothing.

Think about that Elon Musk (CEO of Tesla and SpaceX and involved in many other activities) is able to take his time to read books.

However, even if you are so busy to work 24/7 you can schedule your time-reading in the course of the day.

You can read after breakfast and/or after lunch and/or before going to bed.

You can also read some not so heavy novel during in your work pauses.

For example: you can wake up 1 hour before your usual waking-up hour and pass 30/40 minutes to read, you can read just having finished the lunch and before fall asleep in the bed – this last one thing would be optimal for your sleep quality because doesn’t stimulate your daily hormones like would do watching a screen (I talked about this topic in this Article).

Also consider that initially your speed-reading would be bit lower than the one you will have once you have entered in book’s lecture, so until you become tired the more time will be passed the more you will have read.

“I lose motivation seeing a too long chapter”,

“I don’t know where to stop since I start to read”

2. Pre-Establish the Arriving Point

Maybe you are at the beginning of the new chapter that is too long to read in a 30/40 minutes session, so you lose the initial motivation to start your reading and procrastinate it to the next time you think you will be again willing to read.

This is stupid because anybody says you should finish the chapter until a certain hour arrives and if you don’t see the ending point you can create one, this will give you the motivation to start the reading session and to push even further beyond.

For example: the chapter starts and you first take a look of it’s length: it’s 50 pages and you know you can’t finish it now, so what you can do is check where there’s a little “jump” (a larger blank space) and decide if that could be the momentaneous endpoint.

“Sometimes I bought some fancy books that I though they could interest me and I could finish them but I found myself disinterested in a while and not willing to arrive to the end”

3. Follow your Interest

There’s always a book which talks about your interesting areas and that should be your primary choice because it will make you more interested and motivated to read and also will be easier for you to enter in the flow mode – the state of complete focus where doesn’t exist nothing else than what you’re focused on, where you lose the perception of time passing – so to have a higher speed-reading and so to finish the book in less time and so to learn more.

Don’t fall in the trap of the nice graphics of the cover or the interesting title, consult opinions on the web and the reviews on amazon to have a more realistic and concrete idea if the book can fulfill you and cover your doubts or simply interesting you to make you willing to read it.

For example: you are interested in being more attractive to girls and also not dependent on their judges and choices, you would like to be free without feel anxious in certain situations, you would like to overcome your addictions – there are many books for every one of these topics (the one I recommend is David Deida – The Way Of The Superior Man).

“When I start to read I soon find myself distracted by notifications on my phone”

4. Avoid Distractions

When you are going to start your reading session make sure you are in the right place without any people that can ask you questions or attract your attention so you will not have any external distractions from the people around you and you can start to focus on your reading material.

Pops out another problem: distractions from devices like notifications in your phone.

If you are waiting an important message or call you can put your phone in the bag if you’re out or in another room if you’re in your house.

If you’re not waiting any messages or call you can set your phone in flight mode and leave it in your pocket or, better, put it in the bag anyway.

For example: It’s 13.50 and you’re going to start your reading session in a quiet library thinking to arrive to the end of the paragraph, 10 pages, and at 14.30 start again to work. After having read for 10 minutes arrives a notification of a message on your phone:

Francesca: “Ahahah scemoo, no non ci sono stasera, però se vuoi possiamo fare domani!”

Translated: “Ahahah idioot, no I can’t tonight, but if you want we can do tomorrow!”

Francesca shouldn’t have stopped your reading session but at this point decide to respond or leave her proposal incomplete and then put you phone in flight mode and in your bag and don’t let the next Francesca interrupt your focus.

“I feel I’m not inspired enough to read in my room or in my house”

5. Choose the Right Place

The environment you choose has an impact on your tendency to do something rather than something else and also the things you’re surrounded by impact your interesting topics.

Perhaps a room with a PS4, a 5000OO$ gaming pc, a Nintendo 3DS and a Nintendo Switch could attract you and your attention and put in you the desire to throw off the book from the window to start to play Minecraft with a high resolution graphics mod.

In this case you should choose a place that can work for you, an environment that let you think “I can feel the librarian soul inside me and I want destroy every book of all the shelves, anybody can’t stop me”.

I personally read in the library or just out of the library if the surrounding environment is cool or in my living room or just in an empty calm and quite place.

To Learn More

To learn more from your readings do the effort to imagine what you’re reading and meditate about it thinking how what you’ve read can be applied to you or to your daily life.

I recommend to write a little summary with a sentence for every chapter of the book once you’ve finished it in one of the firsts blank pages – you can browse the book to help you. This will take around only 10 minutes but it will increase the quantity of things will remain in your head.


  • Schedule the reading in your daily plan
  • Pre-establish the arriving point before start your reading session
  • Choose the book that makes you interested in reading
  • Turn off distracting objects or put them far from you
  • Find a place that inspires you and that make you willing to read
  • Think about how what you’ve read can be useful for you
  • Write a little summary of the entire book once you’ve finished it

To be sure to remain constant over the time and to always do your daily reading sessions realize that you have to read a bit everyday and if passes a day without having read you should feel guilty to have lost an opportunity to improve yourself.

You can’t also skip from 0 to 1000, you need momentum, so if you never have been a reader start trying to find a rhythm that you can maintain and increase a little bit everyday.

I hope the article convinced you to start to read if you’re not a reader or could help you to find a strategy to read more books.

If you have any doubts write a comment in the comment section below, I would appreciate and respond soon!

See you next Sunday with my next Article, best regards, your Italian friend Marco 🙂

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