What’s Wrong with Marijuana?

What’s Wrong with Marijuana?

What do you think about Marijuana?

How many times do you get high per week?

Do you always search for it every time you’re going to hang out with your friends?

Smoke a pot and get high is safer than drink too much and get drunk, it also damages your body less than what would do an excess of alcohol.

But, respective active principles, THC for weed and ethanol for alcohol, can make you addicted and as addictions can bring you to a state of being unable to have fun, unhappy and anxious without them.

“I rarely smoke weed, when I do it’s a particular event and the weed is not mine”

Occasional Use

You know that is wrong, even though it’s occasionally and for a particular event, you know that is wrong but you are also going to do that because maybe you’re one of the people who never smokes and this time you can exploit the circumstances to make an exception to the rule aware of the fact that you will not touch any other pots for a lot.

The problem is that is not so simple to maintain it occasional: once you appreciated the effects on your brain, especially if you haven’t nothing to do, you will be more inclined to search it to feel again that sensation and over the time will be more difficult to be independent from it.

Yes, you will not die to have smoked weed with your friends one time in your life but.. Is it really rare and occasional?

When Becomes the Only Way to Have Fun

The problem really occurs when you constantly search for it, when you are not really able to enjoy and live the moments with your friends without being stoned.

First of all a substance, whatever it is, which alters your physiological or psychological state is a drug.

If you are used to be stoned – in this case with marijuana – your brain capabilities and your ability to focus will be affected in a very negative way.

There are many many things today which is easy to get distracted by, from an excessive use of technologies like a constant check of social media accounts (wrote an Article about it) or hours passed in front of a screen playing video games or watching television to these easy reachable substances.

Putting apart the inevitable negative effects that being constantly high has on your brain, energies and drive, you shouldn’t feel the need to get stoned to enjoy your life.

Why Is Wrong

You shouldn’t need any substances to feel fulfilled and to enjoy the process, you should be self-reliant and search and find joy and motivation in what surrounds you – if you’re not able to find it, smoking weed you are postponing your lack avoiding to face up the problem and temporarily forget about what’s going wrong in your life.

You should constantly try to improve yourself to be stronger and more self-reliant – smoking weed is a crutch that doesn’t give you any advantage making you more and more dependent to have fun over the time.

You should find what fulfills you and transmute your desires in real life actions and don’t fulfill them with unreal shortcuts.


First of all it’s more difficult overcome an addiction, even though you have the intention, if you’re surrounded by people who are used to have that habit and to involve you (I wrote this Article about avoiding garbage on the web and toxic people).

Once you realize your friends are toxic for you in some way, they could be pot-headed or simply assholes, you have to get rid of them.

This is not so obvious but the people you pass the most time with influence a lot you and your behavior – In this case, just simply avoiding them, you will increase a lot the odds to improve yourself. This is very very important, you can’t think to continue to hang out with them without smoking and at the same time watching them getting high.

After having got rid of all the negative people find a path to follow, express with real life actions your desires, transmute them in reality and become the person you want to become.

Try new activities like meditation, yoga or extreme sports, give you new challenges and face them up.


I hope my thought on Marijuana has arrived to you in the most possible positive way, I’m not extremist and I’m not against nothing, I think smoking weed is a crutch habit that initially can make you feel in peace with the world and love everybody but in a long term is something that will make you more and more dependent on the substance to just simply have fun and be opened.

I would really appreciate if you share your opinion about it in the comment section below, I’ll respond soon!

See you next Sunday with my next article about mindset and results and how they are connected, best regards, your Italian friend Marco 🙂

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