Change Your Mindset to Change Results

Change Your Mindset to Change Results

Are you satisfied with the results you achieve?

Would you like improve them?

Maybe there’s a little voice in you which sometimes complains about how unsatisfied you are of the results you recently achieved and that you could do way better than what you’ve done.

But.. You don’t really give so much importance to this voice and when its volume becomes less high you forgot about it and continue to live at your old rhythm.

The voice remains, you’re just don’t really listening it.

The voice remains and this means that you would like to change how things are going – to do that you first have to realize it and then change your mindset.

What Doesn’t Work

Let’s say you have to study Calculus for one of the exams of your school.

You soon find yourself lost with all the theorems, demonstrations, formulas and algorithms which are part of the exam’s program.

What you do next is transcript the formulas from the book to your notebook, transcript the algorithms and all the possible ways to solve the exercises without understanding the theory behind them.

Then, you start to brute-forcing the exercises checking the solutions (if there’s no available solution you ignore the exercise) to see if you’ve done right using the previously written formulas without having the idea of what you are writing.

You continue in this way doing lots of exercises until arrives the date of the exam – maybe you haven’t neither simulated the exams test with the exactly amount of exercises and time.

Exam done, you feel that maybe or you have passed (in the case with a low grade) or, with more odds, you have to repeat the test the next time.

Change Your Mindset

This is a brief story of what happened to me when I had to prepare Calculus for my Computer Science exam.

I tried to brute-force the material without passing through the effective and real steps that had to be taken to face the subject and I also used this same approach with the other exams.

I took with too much sufficiency what I was doing and I also self-convinced myself that maybe one day I would have passed the exam.

To be constant during the time having a constant standard quality of study and to constantly be at the same level of what was explained in the classes I had to use a different approach to the college, in other words I had to change the mentality.

Don’t facing the reality, don’t going through the necessary steps that had to be made taking some lower effort shortcuts or using repeatedly the same approach would have produced mediocre results in a too long period of time.

You can figure the complaint and the dissatisfaction as a little voice inside you which is telling that you should express your maximum potential to do your best.

You can’t ignore this voice, you can’t self-convince you that you don’t care, that you’re not interested and that’s ok to accept the actually results because will subconsciously remain the regret of haven’t followed what you felt to follow.

Facing this desire and meditating about it will make you realize what behavioral and character aspects you shall change, because being constant in the time requires a constant effort which requires a disposition and a motivation that can’t be found if you haven’t realize yet what’s the path you want to follow.


If you have found yourself lost in repeating the same useless brute-forcing approach trying to conquer what you see as a too far object you should stop yourself for a while and meditate about the situation, what it really takes, if you really are interested to it and what are the countermeasures you should take.

I think you are interested in changing the results, I also believe you are interested to conquer your goal because everybody has some sort of ambition – face up your desire and transmute it in the real life.

See you next Sunday with my next article, best regards, your Italian friend Marco 🙂

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