Practice Courage

Practice Courage

Are you afraid to take actions?

Are you afraid to take important steps?

How many times you felt you should move and commit something but you remained in your comfort zone?

Are you afraid to face up your fear?

Courage needs momentum and practice, you certainly can’t move from level 0 to level 1000 in a step, but you can reach level 100O making more and little steps that will make you commit your desired goal or face up your biggest fear.

Take Momentum

For example, you can’t think to enter directly in a spiders’ cage if you’re just afraid to see them in video (yes you could but it could ruin your disposition to win this fear),


You could watch them in their cage protected by the glass,

Then you could see someone else let a spider walk on his hand to obtain the courage to stay far from them but without a glass barrier,

Then you could move even more near the spider until it’s arm-reachable and watch how it behaves,

And finally you could also touch it and let it walk on your hand (and start to jump between skyscrapers and launch spider webs).


Courage has to be practiced over the time to make it a constant in your life, it’s not simple, it requires you to go out from your comfort zone,


I do think it’s also nothing so impossible and it lets you feel that sensation of adrenaline that gives you even more courage, more confidence and especially more desire to commit again something that is out of your comfort zone.

Don’t Pass Around the Required Step

Most important thing: don’t pass around that fuc*ing required step.

Another enlightening example:

You are in the gym, there’s a hot girl with a nice booty that is doing squats,

She is sweaty but it makes you even more hyped to overcome your body’s limit,

What are you going to do?

Are you going to try to impress her with how much weight you are able to curl?

Are you trying to show her you’re feeling pain and you’re actually feeling like how Majin Vegeta felt when he beat Kakarot?

No! You have to take that uncomfortable step and in some way go to talk to her, there’s no other way or shortcut that lets you reach your goal. But, once you had taken that steps you’ll notice you will have more courage, confidence and more desire to do it again.


  • Practice to Courage to take momentum and become even more confident and courageous over the time
  • Face up the required step and don’t pass around it

I hope you appreciate this, thank you so much to read my articles!

I can see the stats and I noticed there are few people who every Sunday come here or read the article through email and, for the ones I personally know, when we meet each other and you say me “Ganzo l’urtimo artiolo” [translated, “The last article was cool”] you make me happy and you give me even more desire to continue to write!

See you next Sunday with my next article, take care, your Italian friend Marco 🙂

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