Have a Daily Structure to Be More Productive

Have a Daily Structure to Be More Productive

Toc toc

Who is it?

It’s mee, Marco, your Italian friend!

I’m here again this Sunday, like the past Sunday and next Sunday and the Sunday after the next Sunday to talk with you!

‘Cause I love you! ❤

And I love you so much that I take care if you are always or almost always productive.

Are you? I mean.. Are you almost always productive?

Or you pass your time watching Netflix for 5 hours a day every day? Or you pass your time watching Dragon Ball Super? In this last one case you have to admit that Toriyama has unbalanced and overpowered all the characters, I mean.. You know.. I think he could do something more sober..


You can still watch Dragon Ball Super (better if you switch to something better) or Netflix


You have to put the chilling time in a range of the day where you know you are enough tired that would be inefficient to continue to work so as to balance leisure with duty.

Daily Routine

Having a daily basis or a daily structure or a daily routine or whatever you want to call it helps you to don’t fall in wasting time activities like watching random YouTube videos or playing Overwatch or watching the ground in ranges of the day where your brain performs at its best!

What is a Daily Structure?

It’s a set of tasks and activities you impose yourself to do since you wake up until you go to bed every single day!

The daily basis will help you overcome and be productive in bad moments and bad periods where your efficiency would be at the minimum level.

Just imagine: you know you have to wake up a 7.30 a.m. and no matter what you have to put your shoes on and go to run doing a predetermined path, once at home having breakfast with a green tea and some fat and protein food. After breakfast you know you have to read 10/20 pages of your book and then work until 12.30, lunch and then come back to work until 18/18.30 where you take a rest and go to pump mu$cle$ to increase testosterone to do things more passionately with your girls :3

Do you have time for anger and jealousy? No.

Do you have time to think about others? No.

And if you don’t have motivation? Just follow the daily structure and take momentum: the motivation will come and you will go hard!

Mario: “But always repeating this is boring!


Mario is a character that I’ve invented right now that will talk with me to don’t let me simulate imaginary conversations, this is his face:



Mario, I won’t consider you look like a retard and I’ll respond ya:

Look, it ain’t boring ‘cuz ya have to fill the daily routine set with tasks that ya like and that helps ya be disciplined!

Having this tasks to do in order to get things done helps you to stay better in a long term way even thought it seems the opposite because it avoids you wasting time, turning off your brain, eating shit and so on.

Furthermore and more important, it helps you to find the motivation to start or continue what you have to do!

As instance, my daily basis looks like this:

  • Morning:
    • Wake up at 7.20 am and go to run 4-6 km
    • Back home: breakfast with green tea and salad + legumes
    • Go to library and start work at 8.45
  • Work
  • Launch pause:
    • Start Launch at 12.30/13
    • Restart work at 14.00
  • Work
  • Go to Pump Muscles at 18.30
  • Night:
    • Dinner at 20.00
    • Work/Read/Go out
    • Go to bed until 23.30


  • Set a daily structure you know you can respect and can help you to be more efficient
  • Find a good balance between leisure and duty
  • Respect your daily basis

Thank you so much to read my articles, I would really appreciate your opinion about them, if you have one post in the comment section and I’ll respond soon!

See you next Sunday with my next article, take care, your Italian friend Marco 🙂

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