Do This and Everything Will Be Simpler

Do This and Everything Will Be Simpler

The average person is more interested in his or her own name than all the other names on earth put together.

What Happened Yesterday

Yesterday while I was running I saw I girl that was running as well but in the opposite direction, since she became visible I recognized her: she was one of the girl that I knew few months ago when I started to practice MMA – We started the sport at the same time more or less.

When she came in the gym she wasn’t alone: she came with a friend.

To respect their privacy I will call them by their real names, Bianca and Giulia.

I remembered both names because the instructor the first times called them wrongly switching them: he called Bianca as Giulia and Giulia as Bianca.

So I remembered that together they are Bianca and Giulia.

One important step done.

Second important step: recognize which one of them was Bianca and which one was Giulia.

A series of lucky events let me know and remember who Giulia is, so, logic at hand:

Person1 and Person2  = Bianca and Giulia

Person1: ? -> Person2: ?

Person1: Giulia -> Person2: ?

Person1: Giulia -> Person2: Bianca

So the girl that was running in my direction was Bianca!!

What Happened When I Said ‘Ciao Bianca’

When we were near to cross each other she was looking at the ground, maybe because she didn’t want to fall down, maybe because the ground is more interesting than a

M U 5 C U L 4 R Italian boy,

maybe because she was thinking about her stuff, by the way, she was looking at the ground.

If I said “Ciao!” she would have raised up the head, looked at me and said “Oh, Ciao!”, nothing special, just ordinary stuff – This happened to me many many times.


This time was different, this time I had done deep thinking and calculations to make everything better: I said “Ciao Bianca!”.

She instantly raised up her head, smiled, turned a bit her body in my direction, looked at me with surprise and said “oh.. ah.. Ciao!!!” and both continued to run.

It’s Worth It

I’ve written this little episode because it has impressed me more than the other ones but I also found unusual reactions in other circumstances when I called the person by his/her own name, especially with people who usually don’t talk too much or are called by their nicknames or abbreviation of their surname.

It’s easier to remember a person by his instant nickname.. yes!

But it’s way more effective call the other person by his name: you will make him more happy and inclined to talk and deal with you, will put the basis for a better conversation and start with the right step to create a good environment.


Remember that a person’s name is to that person the sweetest and most important sound in any language.

See you Next Sunday with my next Article! Marco 🙂

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