The 2 Scientific High Schools in Pisa

The 2 Scientific High Schools in Pisa

Hi! My name is Marco Morganti and I’m 22 from Pisa, Italy.

I always studied here in Pisa and I followed the ordinary path: 5 years in primary school, 3 years in middle school and 5 years in high school starting college at 19.

In Italy, when you finish the middle school that is equal for everybody, you have to choose which type of high school you want to subscribe to: Scientific, Humanistic, Artistic, Professional, etc.

At the full aware age of 14 years old I choose the Scientific one and here arrives the deal: In Pisa there are 2 Scientific High Schools – Dini and Buonarroti.

If you want to study in Pisa and you have chosen the scientific path you’ll see yourself forced to pick one of them.

At this point, clearly, you’ll just thinking and imaging that there were and still there are voices and legends about which one of them is more challenging and which one is  S 0 F T E R.

The rumors said that in Dini is really really hard, that you have to spend a lot of effort in it and it couldn’t be enough and also said that in Buonarroti you’ll learn how to build pots, rap, become or pro or anti communism and become able to survive in a wild environment.

With legends I’m not joking, conversations like these were frequent

“Boh deh lo sai? Ar Dini se sgarri la proff ti fa un lanciafiamme”

  • “Boh davvero?”

“Deh si, poi se s’incazza davvero ti fa un terremoto e ti schianta sur colpo”

  • “Deh ma tanto io so volare”

“See vai in culo Morgaaa”

Translated (I don’t know how to translate the Pisan’s accent in English, btw..)

“Yo man did ya know? In Dini if ya slip up prof does a flamethrower on you”

  • “C’moooon.. Really?”

“Yeah man, if she really pisses her off she does an earthquake and smashes you off”

  • “Don’t worry btw, I can fly”

“C’Mooon Morgaaa”

Guess which one I went to back in the days . .. …

You have some informations:

  1. I’m writing this article as an ex-student of one of them
  2. I’m not using a happy and inspired tone

Yes I went to Buonarroti..

The Legends scared the 14 years old Marco and my family was preoccupied of my future safety, so I went where there weren’t any professor with pokemon moves who could kick my ass off.

When I started College

Cool, the 19 years old Marco was able to do freestyle rap in Italian and do YouTube videos (he had a channel, “MaxAce”, with 12k subscribers) but he didn’t know nothing about Math, Physics and Computer Science.

The 19 years old Marco subscribed himself to Computer Science Pisa University where there’s Math, Physics and Computer Science.

While my friends from Dini were grinding midterms and finals there was me who felt powerless and not really able to face up something difficult.

My friends that came from Dini had a study method, used to have a good qualitative study sessions and a way wider and better background.

You can figure me as a retarded Pikachu and my Dini’s sons of bitch friends as a group of Tyranitar

Tyranitar and Pikachu

The Average Student

If you follow LightIdeas you maybe could already know that I practice Calisthenics.

There are 5 friends of mine who train with me who all come from Dini and this has been their first year in College.

All them are involved in demanding majors like mechanical engineering, computer engineering, law, etc. and they are all performing great!

If you check how many students from Buonarroti and how many from Dini are doing great there’s a huge difference: the average Dini’s student is involved in demanding majors and performing quite well, the average Buonarroti’s student not only is not performing so well but he’s also not doing an involving degree.

Of my year I’m the only one student from Buonarroti remained in a major between Computer Science, Mathematics and Physics while I know, and maybe there are more than these, 1 in Math, 4 in Physics and 1 in Computer Science students from Dini.

The Interesting Part

After having underlined and realized how much difference there’s in the average student and have offended the Buonarroti High School arrives the interesting part.

If there’s so much difference in terms of results between the average ex Dini and ex Buonarroti student there should be a reason.

First of all, having two High Schools of the same type in a small city like Pisa there will be, over the time, a disparity in quality: top students will tend to aggregate all in one of the two raising up the standard and the competitiveness of the school and consequently the expectations of the professors.

Of course the rumors of the quality of these High Schools give the direction for the top students from the middle schools in Pisa that aware of the fact that in Dini you will have a better preparation go there.


Why there’s all this difference in terms of results when it’s time to grind in college?

The answer is in the standard habit you have built in these 5 years.

Staying competitive and reactive pushed by high expectations and also scared that something could go wrong the next day has accustomed the students to stay more careful and pay more attention and effort in what they do.

The same student, who potentially could be either good or bad, staying for 5 years in a competitive environment, receives the inputs and stimuli to develop a self discipline and a method that let him go along even when the game turns hard.


Don’t let the rumors scare you and meditate about which choice would be better to pick.

Choose the path that gives you more results and makes you stronger, not the shortest one, you will see more results at the end 🙂


Have you appreciated the Article? I write on every Sunday, Subscribe to the newsletter to don’t lose the next Articles. Best regards, Marco 🙂

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