Set Milestones To Gain Motivation

Set Milestones To Gain Motivation

Hey hey hey, It’s Sunday, It’s time for another

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LightIdeas Article!

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Today I woke up thinking to skip for this week:

“Who cares of a single Sunday, It won’t make the difference, I’m tired and I need rest and to make matters worse I have no content to bring to my blog”


“Maybe nothing would really happen and nobody would really notice it..”

But then I thought

“Well, LightIdeas t o p readers would take it badly and I don’t wanna disappoint them,  furthermore I have to publish every fucking Sunday regardless to what are my feelings in the week, so stand up and move your fucking bitch ass Marco”

The argument of this week is having Milestones to get more Motivation.

The Active Principle of Calisthenics

I have been practicing Calisthenics (gymnastic based sport) for more than 3 years now.

When people start to practice Calisthenics and continue over the time they usually become obsessed with it.


Calisthenics, differently than lifting weights where you basically do the same exercise today with a specific weight and the same exercise in a year with more weight, has moves that you are not able to do now and you will unlock working out over the time.

An example, Muscle-Up:


If you start today doing calisthenics and you have no background in gymnastic or in body-weight workouts you, with lots of probabilities, won’t be able to do that.


If you train in the right way it will take a period (which can be weeks or months depending on many factors) and you will have unlocked this movement.

When you will have reached this movement you will feel satisfied to have reached your first goal and will have the desire to unlock another movement.

This little goals that you achieve over the time gives the motivation to the athletes to continue to train and to push even further beyond, just like Goku.

This little goals are Milestones

When You Start To Do Something

When you apply for something you have an initial desire that pushes you to pass many hours working for the same purpose.

It’s difficult then find the motivation to continue regardless everything and without seeing concrete results.

To give yourself a boost of motivation to continue in what you started to apply set milestones along the way, the ones that will give you a sense of achievement and continue to give you more desire to improve.

An example, you want to learn to draw (I’m applying in this shit, it’s fucking difficult), you could have this set of milestones:

  1. Draw a quite realistic Rock
  2. Draw a quite realistic Tree
  3. Draw quite realistic Mountains
  4. Draw all these together
  5. Draw a quite realistic Arm
  6. Draw a quite realistic Torso

And so on..

The feeling of having reached something will make you proud and install in you the desire to reach the next goal.


Set Milestones to push even further beyond


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2 thoughts on “Set Milestones To Gain Motivation

  1. Where is the regards at the end? 😦
    I read the article on monday because sunday i was fucking drunk, (i had to party for the end of exams, maybe is this a milestone?)
    don’t give up with the articles!
    I’m here every sundays!!
    Ccmmmonn Marcoo


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