What to Do When You Lose Motivation

What to Do When You Lose Motivation

I made 2 articles about productivity through time management, the first is How to Effectively Manage Your Time and talks about how you can set ranges of the day to grind the most as possible and the second is Have a Daily Structure to Be More Productive and talks about the idea of divide the day in blocks of tasks with little routines before, after and between them.

When I did these articles I was grinding a lot with LiftWithMe (which is the Gym T-Shirt brand I launched few months ago), studying and training sessions, programming projects, reading a lot and with LightIdeas (this blog).

Two weeks ago, a bit before having finished the exams period, I got exhausted and overwhelmed by all these things: I’m struggling to go to bed and fall asleep at a decent hour and to wake up in the morning at a decent hour as well with energy; I’m struggling with studying and being productive with things I have to do for university, with writing these articles [now it’s 18:44 of Saturday] and so on.. (I don’t wanna influence you and make you struggle).


I’m actually, slowly, retaking momentum and grinding.

What I want to talk about in this article is basically how to retake momentum and gain motivation after you have been struggled.

How to Retake Momentum

I found quite useful to set little goals.

Setting little goals you haven’t to work a lot to achieve them and once you’ve done it you will feel quite satisfied and more willing to do something else.

Remember: Don’t set GIANT goals like writing 10’000 words articles and drawing Leonardo Da Vinci’s paintings in a day if the most productive thing you’ve done yesterday was watching new episodes of an anime and eating 3 ice creams.

You can’t skip from 0 to 1000 but you can pass through 1, then to 2, then to 3, 4, 5… and finally reaching 1000.

How? Setting little goals is a very useful way to do that and will help you to understand how to regulate yourself and if you can reach and maintain a certain rhythm.

How To Wake Up in The Morning Motivated

Write the daily plan and set what you really like (maybe not so really but however you like) to do in the morning just after you have got up from bed.

For example:

I have to do a dumb program in C for my university I really don’t want to, I’m near to the end but I have to insert new things that I don’t know how to do and that surely will cause bugs that I will have to fix… .-.

Can I think the night, about 10.00 p.m.

“Ok Marco, stasera a letto presto che domattina ci si diverte tantissimo a fare qualcosa che non so ne come fare ne dove cercare come si fa!! Boia si deh! Non vedo l’ora”


“Ok Marco, tonight let’s go to bed early that tomorrow we will have a lot of fun doing something I don’t know neither how to do it nor where to search how to do it!! Boia yes deh! I can’t see the hour” [Note: You have to be Italian to understand the last essay and from Pisa to understand the penultimate]


No, I can’t think in the night something like that :£

If you have set to do something you don’t really want to early in the morning and at the same time you’re struggling to wake up early you’re are in the perfect position and predisposed to go to bed late and wake up at 12.30.

Instead, set what you really like to do!

In my case, in this period, I like to draw and I found quite useful and less stressful start the day drawing and let the sh1t in the afternoon or perhaps late in the morning (here what I’ve done so far).


Restart slowly with little goals and things you like to retake momentum and motivation to work and grind.

See you next Sunday, your 1tal1an friend Marco :£


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