Pay Attention to Your Social Media Usage

Pay Attention to Your Social Media Usage

How much time do you pass though Social Media everyday?

Are you aware of all the time spent on it?

I mean.. do you exactly know when you open Instagram, what you do on the platform, and when it’s time to close?

Use Them and Don’t Be Used

What happen to me with YouTube and maybe happen to you as well with Instagram or Facebook or Quora or whatever, especially in this period of holidays, is that I open YouTube on the smartphone or on the pc, sometimes with the purpose to see a specific video and sometimes just to rest for 10/15 minutes, and after a while I find myself lost in the platform watching random videos I didn’t know that could exist and that could interest me spending more time than what I expected.

What does it mean being used by them?

It means that you don’t really have control on what you are doing and instead are victim of the algorithm which is studied to make you pass more time as possible on the platform and make you addicted without really noticing the time that is passing because too deep transported by what the social media shows you.

Being transported by a screen affects your thinking and solving problem capabilities and so your ability to be focused and maintain that focus for several minutes which has a bad reflection on your study sessions, on your desire to create and go along with new projects and especially on your productivity.

This is one of the problems caused by the usage of Social Media, I talked about other problems here.

I Think Are Useful Tools If Used In The Right Way

As well as these tools could make you addicted and subtract you your time, I think these services could also be useful.

You already know why: you could be interested to see something on a specific Facebook page, or a specific answer on Quora or perhaps a specific video on YouTube.

At the end, the important thing is having control on your usage of these platforms, which are useful if you use them aware of what you actually do and the time you spend on them.

See you next Sunday, your Italian friend Marco šŸ™‚


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