How To Become a Good Conversationalist

How To Become a Good Conversationalist

Have you ever asked yourself how to have a good conversation when talk to people?


Neither me


It has a been little while since I started to study behaviors of the people and how to engage the best as possible with them, I read Robert Cialdini – Influence and Dale Carnegie – How To Win Friends and Influence People and this article is gonna be a resume of what I found most useful in what I’ve read and experienced and will make (if you apply :3) a social skills beast.

Since I started to do these things people search me more and sometimes they said that has been a pleasure to know or meet or pass time with me.

Here the tips:

Become Genuinely Interested in Him

Since you start to talk and approach with someone else, to have a better impact and a better feeling you should like or be interested in him.

If you don’t like him in some way, maybe because he can do the Fortnine Dance and you don’t or maybe because he has more g i r l s than you, your body language will communicate for you and transmit to him that you would prefer to do something else than being in a conversation with him.

Similarly, if you like him or you are interested in him, the conversation will naturally improve because he will notice through your body moves that you are appreciating the moment spent in the conversation with him.

How to become interested in him if you’re not?

Be ok with yourself whatever is going to happen and think about the positive things of the other person.

Encourage the Other Person To Talk About Himself

Ask about what passes on his life, how he feels and how is living his situations, when he says something ask him some specific stuff about it, be interested in what he has to tell and about his businesses.

Remembah: You can learn something from everybody, from who you think is more empty and less interesting to the craziest one.

Talk in Terms of the Other Person’s Interests

If want to have a longer and more partecipative conversation with a person who is studying in college, ask him about his exam plan: he will start to say 1000000 things and ideas and plans and goals and blablablabla.


Because you have asked him what occupies his mind most in most of the time he spends in college.

Guess what happen if you stop him to talk as soon as something passes though your mind because you feel the pulse to say that…

He won’t really listen you and will wait until you have some pause or end up to talk to re-start to talk about his businesses and his stuff and his goals and blablablabla.

This because in most of the cases people are interested in talking about their shit and sometimes don’t have the patience to let you finish to talk.

So to improve the conversation, especially if both of you are busy people with their businesses and things in life, you should talk in terms of what interests the other person so that he will be more partecipative in the conversation and there will be more feeling.

Smile and Be Happy

Talk to a genuinely happy and smiling person is generally more pleasant.

Being happy and smiling is really related to be genuinely interested in the other person which is related to encourage him to talk about himself and, for you, in terms of his interests.

About this topic I also wrote and article about how call by name can be effective to make him your friend and have a better impact: Do This And Everything Will Be Simpler.

See you next Sunday with my next Article, bye bye, Marco :%


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