Rule Yourself To Don’t Be Ruled

Rule Yourself To Don’t Be Ruled

1-2 weeks ago I re-made an Instagram account.

The interesting thing is that 9 photos on 10 of 9 girls on 10 are of their ass: their ass at the park, their ass at the beach, their ass + their legs, their ass in some field …

Sometimes they also put their face on it, maybe they could have felt a bit d i s o r i e n t e d that day.. But I guess it was only temporary, the ass came back to dominate.

The remaining girl of these 10 is an artist, she puts on Instagram her drawings and sometimes some photos where she is smiling with her friends or relative, ahah

Little poor artist girl, she hasn’t understood yet what the way of the girls today is and how to pursue it.

I don’t know, maybe it’s normal having some cases which don’t understand the Insta-Ass-Shido.


Why did I do the choice to expose my eyes to the continue vision of asses?

There’s a reason: I wanted to make broadly known all around the world as well as my artworks and my comicssss.

So, since I opened my Instagram account I started to make more accesses to it: you know, I mean.. You already know how it works: you are alone, at your house, you would like to do something or to stay with your friends, or other people, or the asses you saw in photos, and what are you going to do? You’re gonna follow your stimuli by opening your social media and watching the i n t e r e s t i n g things the most i n t e r e s t i n g people have published, like the salad they’r gonna eat in a Boomerang video.

Since its algorithm is studied to make you addicted and it’s difficult to overcome bad habits, especially if they are easily arm-reachable, give yourself some rules.

For example, I noticed I was acceding too many times to Instagram just for the sake of view if someone else would have followed my profile.

It’s not so easy stop to check it, especially if you upload regularly and especially if it costs you only to unlock your phone and click on an icon, so I decided to give myself a rule: enter on Instagram only when it’s time to upload or to see something specific and via browser, without having the app installed.

In this way you won’t waste your time and you’ll boost your productivity.

It’s like to say “I’m going to eat healthy from now on” despite constantly having junk food in your house: after a while you’d come back to your old habits restarting to eat frequently what you decided to eat just few times because the old habits are stronger than your temporary feeling.

Instead, if you give yourself some rules, like having cheat meals only in the weekend only for the dinner, or once every two days only for dinner or whatever, you would have a rule that will guide you both when you’ll be strong and determined and when you won’t be enough rationale or weak to follow what you have promised to yourself.


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