Don’t Consume Garbage, Consume Something Valuable

Don’t Consume Garbage, Consume Something Valuable

Few years ago I used to take a look at everything that triggered my attention, especially hot girls useless gossip and drama on Social Media and on YouTube.

There’s this famous quote today:

You’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with

that I’ve listened more times than how many times my mother told me to study.

Butt.. it’s true!

And as well as it works for people, it can also be applied to what you are exposed to.

I’m going to share something I’m not really proud of but I think that could give an idea: it’s about dogs, fear and nintendo DS..

When I was young I was afraid of dogs, I’ve never had one.. I remember I was afraid of big dogs and what they could do to me, I wasn’t able to have one of them near me and don’t feel the fear triggers “Moooom, can we go away?!?! C’mooon… I think we can find something really really cool 100 meters far from here.. ahah :’/”.

But then I discovered Nintendogs!

After a while I used to play it, I started to be more confident with dogs! I remember one day I saw this giant dog, I associated it with the dogs I used to play on the Nintendo and so I went to caress it with nonchalance and confidence “Moooom, it’s alright, now there’s Nintendogs that protects me from stray hungry dogs”.

Why this happened? Because I used to play with virtual dogs that eat virtual dog food and that eject them in virtual feces! But it all involved me so much that I became confident with dogs, real dogs! Real dogs that eat real dog food and that eject them in real feces.


If you expose your attention to social media or YouTube or television drama you will be affected by them in some way, and how can you perform demanding tasks if few minutes ago you have been impressed by bad news or people who vent their hate or frustration?

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