Enjoy Saving More Than Spending

Enjoy Saving More Than Spending

“Is what I’m doing making me happy or not?”

We instinctively ask ourselves this question every time we are involved in doing some tasks.

We, as human beings, are moved by what our emotions drive us to do. Contrary to what you could think, what usually makes us take simple decisions or choose a path is not logic, are emotions.

Take for example someone who hates a specific group of people: let’s take an anti-communism. He, based on the logic, should hate every single communist person, alright? But it’s not the case! He wouldn’t gonna hate each of them because some of these communists people would make him feel particular emotions that would let him appreciate the person that is in front of him by not only forgetting his political orientation but completely don’t paying attention to anything else that is external to the fact that he’s a person you can pass a good time with.

When talking in terms of saving/spending we are usually moved to buy something we don’t have because the idea of getting something different makes us feel some sort of excitement and soon we forget about the promises we gave to ourselves.

I was used to think in this way, like “Yeeeah, I would need that white uniposca marking pen, I still have a Tipp-Ex but it would help my drawings”, “Yeeeah, I would need that eraser, it’s better than the one I have, it would surely erase what my current eraser doesn’t, like the white of the paper”


I started to notice that I can find another way or opportunities to get what I would like to get.. and this makes me happy because doing that I win against the seller finding a way to save money and at the same time obtaining what I would like to..

And as long as saving money makes me happy, it gives me emotions and are these emotions that still make me think of another opportunity to get something trying to save the most as possible.

What makes us keep doing something is the enjoyment we feel while doing it.

How can you continue to do something if it doesn’t make you happy in some way or you don’t appreciate it?

If you practice some kind of sport, like working out in the gym or calisthenics, what is that makes you keep doing it? The enjoyment, that is! It’s been more than 3.5 years that I practice calisthenics, I started because I wanted to try this new sport and because it could make my physique more tonic, but I continued because I still enjoy doing that!

So, if you want to save money today you can promise yourself to pay attention to what you are going to do today, but if you want to continue to save money, you just have to be excited about it


The money that you save today will be invested another day, in the future, and if you will lose them no problem, because you got what you wanted to get!

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