About LightIdeas

LightIdeas is a blog about productivity, personal development and life hacks.

If you’re reading this and you also have read some articles I would really really appreciate your honest feedback about it,

I mean..

Have you appreciated the humor part? What do you think about the content?

Posting your opinion you would help LightIdeas to grow and it would adjust the direction of the next articles!

I’m actually the only one editor but I’m pretty open to host some of you guys if you have some interesting opinion, tip or experience to share!

In case, email me at m.morganti96@gmail.com saying who you are, linking something you have done and what would you like to talk about.

About Me

My name is Marco Morganti, I’m 22 years old from Pisa, Italy.

I’m currently enrolled in the Computer Science Bachelor Degree and have some side independent projects: LightIdeas, a Gym T-shirt Brand and some programming ones.

I have been practicing Calisthenics (gymnastic based sport) for more than 3 years now, I actually train 4-6 times per week between Calisthenics and Running sessions.

This is me watching the sky:


I hope you will enjoy and find useful my posts! 🙂


email: m.morganti96@gmail.com

Some of my programs here on GitHub: github.com/Morqos

Gym T-Shirts: facebook.com/LiftWithMeShirts